KLF Tecnokimica, group of qualified technicians gathered

KLF Tecnokimica

30 Years of experience

With qualified staff

KLF Tecnokimica was established in 1998 when a group of qualified technicians gathered being animated by the desire of creating a business which could combine different skills and twenty year working experiences in the field of tanning chemistry and the chemistry of formulation for the tanning sector aiming at the creation of top quality leather and sole leather by combining creativity and technical qualities, always following the trends of fashion and Italian style.

After increasing turnover and the number of customers, KLF is now getting ready for future challenges by means of avant-garde laboratories, equipped with any necessary tool able to create technical articles and supplied with modern spaces usedto make samples destined to meet the requirements of any customer. The customers are assured a top quality service as well as products with a high technological perfomance. The main laboratories are: quality control lab, sampling and technical tests lab, physical tests lab.

Our range of products is specially studied to get the best results on any type of leather and it covers the whole cycle of tanning process. Each of our products is formulated with a basic substance, the precise definition of which is shown in our technical cards. Our products can easily be identified and evaluated from a marketing point of view, which is a guarantee for the customer who is enabled to monitor our quality standard all the time.

Facilitating the technicians' job with formulations able to obtain fine leathers, optimising production times and working costs, assisting any single customer by supplying them with a personalized program, all this is the foundation of our philosophy which, day by day, marks our conduct and stimulates us to seek more and more advanced solutions. Our technical staff, only formed by certificated and graduated technicians specialized in tanning chemistry, assure a top quality highly skilled assistance; all free consulting services at the premises of our customers aim at increasing the skills of the chemical technicians working in the tanneries, at enriching their technical/practical stock and at promoting the necessary cooperation between chemical companies and tanneries.

KLF Tecnokimica

Italian chemicals product’s manufacturers for tannery