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Quality control

Another important job of our labs is controlling the quality of KLF products. All the basic products used for our formulations are previously analyzed in very short times as to control their conformity to the chemical and technical characteristics that the supplier has assured. It is only after their approval that the basic products get into the productive cycle.

Samples of products are taken from any supply getting to our warehouse and coming from either our production or from other suppliers; the samples are then used in lab standard tests to be later authorized and distributed to our customers.

All the chemicals of KLF Tecnokimica range respect the REACH directive European rules along with the other various rules of the main countries using finished leather. Our labs and technicians are specialized and constantly brought up-to-date on the complex European and international laws and are at the customers' disposal to give them assistance in order to get finished leather which is always in accordance with the parameters dictated by the laws and with the specifications of the buyers.

This way KLF Tecnokimica can assure its customers a steady and constantly controlled uality.

Technical service

The technicians of KLF staff are always available for tests to be done in the tanneries requesting it, in order to check either the various production processes effected in our labs or the normal procedures at the customers' premises.

The technician collects the leathers to be tested straight from the tannery; no problem will arise for any possible large quantity as the technical service is able to make whole sampling in our lab making the customer's job easier and lighter.Our staff is available all the time for a free consulting service whenever it is requested.

Our customers are regularly visited, informed about new technologies and given simple suggestions or novelties that we know of.

Our technicians' experience is proved by years of work next to the tanners, from whom they receive their daily necessities; an experience made even stronger by the direct contact with our producing units which bring them constantly up-to-date on the new products. The direct running of production and the subsequent deep knowledge of the techniques and raw materials assure a safe result and a highly professional ability when facing daily problems brought about by tanning processes.

Assistance and service acquire a high value just thanks to this combination by giving a quality and experience support to the tanneries that decide to make use of our cooperation.

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