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Research and development

KLF can avail itself of a laboratory equipped with stainless steel test drums, a temperature control panel, numbers of revolutions per minute and timers to control the process times.

The automated system permits the recording of time-temperature-mechanic action parameters which can be set up on industrial scale and subsequently accurately reproduced in the tannery that will make use of them.

The research of new articles , the set up of colours and the development of new chemicals for the tanning industry, all are effected in our labs through our technicians' careful study in cooperation with the customers, satisfying their requests until the desired product is obtained.


Half-tanned, tanned or raw materials are collected from the customer, are catalogued and finally controlled as follows

- State of preservation

- State of surface quality

- Thickness

- The data are introduced in our computer where all our customers have their personal File.

- Then a specific formula for the requested article is studied and a test is done by means of our machines.

- The whole mechanical phase of drying up and preparation for finishing is also followed.

- Sometimes, on the customer's request, our technicians will also follow the finishing phase effected in the labs of our partner company.

The final result is then discussed with the customer and, if approved of, the formula will be ready to be delivered and used in the industrial production process.

Colour development

The lab is supplied with specific equipment for producing colour mixtures to be used directly on sole leather to obtain the requested colour. We are also equipped with "Visible UV Spectrophotometer", a scientific instrument by which, through a sort of "Spectrotheque" previously prepared, we can sample any colour required by the customer and obtain the best formula to set up a precise and stable colour mixture in a very short time.

Every day specialized technicians effect dyeing tests on our customers' leathers to get the precise colour requested.

Research of new technologies

Our laboratory has a space destined to the research of new technologies and systems

To produce leather, through either the use of new chemicals or the development of processes with the help of the tanning mechanical tools.

It is from this perspective that KLF has developed some innovative techniques like, for example, the use of products able to improve the exhaustion of chrome baths combining an ecological and productive view of the tanning process as well as the creation of special pre-tanning agents for leathers to be vegetable tanned, saving this way a large quantity of chemicals.

With "Metal free white leather" we can obtain white leathers with a 5 degree fastness to artificial light. The result will be a fully organic metal free leather.

The above mentioned technique and other techniques contribute to make KLF Tecnokimica a company that tries to improve its own and the others' job in order to get a better and better tanning process.


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